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Civil Commercial Litigation
  • debt recovery including full hearing, companies winding-up, bankruptcy, foreclosures and forced sale of properties, late delivery in housing development cases;
  • pre-emptive relief including injunctions Mareva or otherwise, summary execution, prohibitory orders, judgment debtor summonses;
  • negligence and tort cases, insurance claims, marine or otherwise, personal injury and property damage cases, nuisance and Rylands and Fletcher cases, Carriage By Air 1974 suits;
  • banking and financial transaction, guarantees, loan and other facility agreements;
  • consumer claims and product liability including breach of implied terms;
  • land and property matters including landlord and tenant, removal or reinstatement of caveat, vacant possession, rectification or register, defeasibility of title, order for sale and auction disputes, appeals pursuant to the NCL 1965;
  • trademark and copyright infringement including passing off, injunctions and damages;
  • international trade and sale and goods including breach of condition and warranties, injunctions and damages;
  • labour, employment and industrial relations disputes including dispute resolution, hearing at first instance, appeals to the High Court,
  • hire purchase and leasing agreement actions;
  • company and corporate matters including shareholders’ disputes, directors’ duties, damages and injunction;
  • agency matters and partnership dispute.
Civil Commercial Litigation
Conveyance of Real Property
Banking and Security Documentation
Intellectual Property
Contracts and Agreement (Drafting of)
Corporate and Securities Strategy & Documentation including
Succession and Family Law
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